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Map Set Chickpea-Millan_555 loci
(Reference Set)
Align Vertically
Maps LG 5
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Map Details

Map Type: Genetic [ View Map Type Info ]
Map Set Name: Chickpea - Millan et al. 2010_Consensus map_Wide crosses [ View Map Set Info ]
Map Name: LG 5
Map Start: 0.00 cM
Map Stop: 109.00 cM
Features by Type:
2 Gene Sequence
11 unknown marker
30 Sequence tagged microsatellite site
93 Total

Map Features

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Chickpea - Millan et al. 2010_Consensus map_Wide crosses - LG 5
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Comparative Maps
Feature Type Position (cM) Map Feature Type Position Evidence Actions
OPB17429 RAPD 0.00 No other positions
OPR11867 AFLP 6.00 No other positions
UBC518b AFLP 9.00 No other positions
STMS22 Sequence tagged microsatellite site 11.00 No other positions
MR13770 RAPD 14.00 Chickpea - Millan_555 loci - LG 2 MR13770 Gene Sequence 46.00 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
OPJ13-1 Sequence tagged microsatellite site 14.00 No other positions
OPT12-4 unknown marker 16.00 Chickpea - Winter_354 loci - LG 7 OPT12-4 RAPD 42.80 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
OPAI091855 unknown marker 17.00 No other positions
R3608-1 RAPD 18.00 Chickpea - Thudi_1291 loci - LG 5 R3608-1 Winter 30.30 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
OPG09-4 RAPD 19.00 No other positions
TA1-2 RAPD 21.00 No other positions
cs39c RAPD 21.00 No other positions
TA5LTS129R208 Sequence tagged microsatellite site 21.00 No other positions
marker889 RAPD 21.00 Chickpea - Nayak_521 loci - LG 5 marker889 Winter_published 24.90 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
ECAMCTA05 RAPD 23.00 No other positions
cs31b RAPD 24.00 No other positions
ECAMCAT09 RAPD 24.00 Chickpea - Winter_354 loci - LG 7 ECAMCAT09 AFLP 224.50 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
EAAMCTA09 RAPD 24.00 Chickpea - Winter_354 loci - LG 7 EAAMCTA09 AFLP 208.80 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
UBC373 RAPD 25.00 No other positions
TA66RTS68L2_340 Sequence tagged microsatellite site 26.00 No other positions
UBC324 RAPD 26.00 No other positions
STMS8 Sequence tagged microsatellite site 26.00 No other positions
OPQ04940 unknown marker 27.00 No other positions
cs65 AFLP 27.00 No other positions
PsPR93 RAPD 28.00 No other positions